The 'ndrangheta and the cleaning contract at the ASP of Reggio: seizure of 6.5 million from the entrepreneur Domenico Chilà


By John

Goods worth 6.5 million euros were seized by the Financial Police from an entrepreneur from Reggio, Domenico Chilàaged 61, involved in the «Inter Nos» investigation which on 2 August 2021 led to the execution of 17 precautionary measures as part of an investigation coordinated by Dda of Reggio Calabria which had brought to light “a proven system of corruption” which allowed companies linked to the clans to win contracts from the Provincial Health Authority of Reggio Calabria for the cleaning of hospitals.
The provision, issued by the Prevention Measures Section of the Court, was carried out in Calabria and Lombardy by the financiers of the Provincial Command of Reggio Calabria and the Scico, coordinated by the DDA directed by Giovanni Bombardieri.
The seizure came at the conclusion of economic-patrimonial investigations conducted by the Gico and the Economic-Financial Police Unit of Reggio Calabria, against Chilà, considered to be the reference entrepreneur of historical territorial branches of the 'Ndrangheta, having, according to the accusation, assured them of the possibility of receiving the proceeds of public contracts. As part of the «Inter Nos» investigation, conducted by the Economic and Financial Police Unit and the Scico, Chilà was sent to trial for, among other things, mafia association aimed at committing an indeterminate series of corruption crimesdisturbed freedom of auctions and, more generally, of crimes against the public administration.
From the «Inter nos» investigation, according to the prosecution, a well-established corruption system emerged which allowed the Chilà company to carry out the cleaning service in the Reggio hospitals undisturbed, with the support of the 'ndrangheta. In particular, the man, together with other entrepreneurs, would have created a well-organised criminal system that continued for years and, thanks to corrupt conduct with public administration officials – also involved in the investigation – and auction rigging, would have managed to to secure, for over twenty years, the contract for cleaning and sanitization services in healthcare facilities falling under the jurisdiction of the Asp of Reggio Calabria. To this end, a common fund would have been set up in which each entrepreneur would have paid, in relation to their economic strength, their contribution intended to bribe public officials and pay the 'Ndrangheta families. In light of this, the DDA delegated the Gico of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Reggio Calabria to carry out an economic/patrimonial investigation which would have led to highlighting a disproportion between the income and the value of the assets attributable to the entrepreneur. The financiers, therefore, seized the entire business portfolio of 2 companies, shares in a joint-stock company, 4 properties, a car, as well as banking, financial and insurance relationships and related assets.