Third abandoned baby, hunt for serial fugitive parents


By John

Suspected of having abandoned on the outskirts of London their third baby in less than 7 years. To reveal the facts – covered in detail by strict investigative confidentiality, against the backdrop of a reflective story marginality and social hardship – is today there BBC.

The last episode

It dates back to January, with the discovery of Newhama suburb in the eastern sector of the British capital, of a girl, renamed by the media and police with the name of “baby Elsa“. The little girl was found in the cold in January, with the umbilical cord still attacked, by a person walking the dog. Left out in the open, she was saved at the last minute and then given into foster care. The tests of DNA they then revealed that he shared both parents with two little brothers, named Baby Harry And baby Romanabandoned in turn, in 2017 and 2019 respectively, and in the meantime given up for adoption by the juvenile justice system in the United Kingdom.

Scotland Yard appeals

Despite the appeals of Scotland Yard, and the commitment not to use an iron fist, the parents have not yet been traced. The judge Carol Atkinsonfrom the East London Family Courthowever, authorized the BBC and the agency Pa to make the incident public, albeit with the necessary restrictions to protect privacy And identity of the people involved. It is a story of great collective interestexplained the judge, urging reflection on family problems and those related to inequalities that afflict the country and the capital, while underlining how, in relation to the population, the cases of abandonment of newborns are overall very rare on the island.