The regional coordinator of Popular Alternative Ripepi: the revolution of good will bring Reggio to life again


By John

There is crisp air in the city and civic associations and movements are flourishing. Massimo Ripepi, you announced your candidacy for mayor some time ago, what do you think?
«All citizens should engage in politics, and those who follow me know that I consider politics to be the highest aspiration a man should aspire to. I truly believe that it is essential for citizens to take an interest in public affairs and, in fact, I dedicate a large part of my communication activity to inviting our fellow citizens to actively participate in the political life of the city and to form a free opinion, free from conditioning so as not to letting ourselves be carried away by empty promises and ideologies which, in recent years, have led to a progressive distancing from politics, which is increasingly self-referential. This is why I greet this new ferment with enthusiasm and I like to think that I have made a substantial contribution to it.”
You have always attacked Mayor Falcomatà and his Administration, the rest of the minority, with a few small exceptions, is asleep. Is it a snapshot of the failure of the parties?
«I would like to point out that I do not attack people; I simply highlight, with freedom and courage, the things that in my opinion are wrong. No one has the courage to point out those responsible and responsible anymore. Obviously all this happens when it comes to public interest. However, when it comes to private interests, everyone is ready to point out responsible people and responsibilities. I have been maintaining for a long time that, at least in this city, the right and the left are two sides of the same coin and that, in my opinion, they have the same way of acting, certainly not for the good of the community. Then if the rest of the minority sleeps on the other side, the rest of the majority is happy.”