The return of the Fenice: Reggina against San Luca starts with a draw


By John

San Luca-Reggina: 0-0

Saint Luke: Mittica 6.5, Kalombola 6 (st 30′ Schafer 6), Calderone 6.5 (st 41′ Pino sv), Dampha 6.5, Pipicella 7, Murdaca 6 (st 35′ Ficara P. sv), Mazzone 6.5 (st 30′ Suraci 6 ), Romero 6.5, Ficara A. 6, Kapnidis 6, Fiammenghi 6 (st 30′ Marano 6). Barter Annex 6.5.

Reggina: Martinez 6, Martiner 6.5 (st 41′ Parodi sv), Ingegneri 6, Zanchi 6, Cham 6.5, Mungo 5.5, Salandria 6 (st 35′ Zucco sv), Barillà 6 (st 15′ Ricci 5.5), Bianco 5.5 (st 15′ Rosseti 6), Coppola 6 (st 15′ Perri 6), Provazza 5.5. All.: Trocini 6.

Referee: Aldi of Lanciano 7.

Note: spectators approximately 2,500, mostly guests; cautioned: Kapnidis, Romero, Fiammenghi, Mungo, Barillà; injury time: 2′ st, 6′ st.

In the end it was a draw between San Luca and the refounded Reggina (for federal cards “The Amaranth Phoenix”) of Mister Trocini, who at the “Macrì” started the Serie D tournament from the fourth of the championship, having defined the procedures for the composition of the staff a few days ago and therefore was able to postpone the first three days, then to be recovered. The crowd was impressive, with the Amaranth fans following the new team in large numbers after the well-known story of their exclusion from professional football, just as the San Luca crowd was present en masse, as well as many sportsmen from the district that wanted to be there for the premiere of the new Reggina, always a point of reference for the entire province. Very fair race, in which the greater technical level of the guests, however grappling with natural problems of amalgam resulting from the very little time available to prepare, was counterbalanced by a vigorous and determined San Luca, who contrasted the amaranth geometries with the right amount of determinationalso setting up some restarts with quality, especially in the first part of the match.