Municipal elections in Vibo, centre-right comparison: general tests of “weight” between FI and FdI


By John

The 2024 local elections inevitably force the centre-right parties, the coalition that currently leads the city, to warm up their engines. But the panorama that is emerging is confusing, to put it mildly. The coalition seems, at the moment, without a precise point of reference from which to start again, in view of the electoral campaign.
Yet the center-right expresses, at the moment, the mayor of the city, Maria Limardo. However, heavy clouds are gathering over the figure of the head of the Administration, resulting from his poor compatibility now with the main representatives of the lists that allowed his victory. The re-nomination of the outgoing mayor is, therefore, more than ever under discussion. Not for one but for a thousand reasons, starting with the one that sees a large part of the old majority – the one that won the elections – outside the council and on different positions from the mayor in the city council.
Yet there are those who are pushing to define the perimeter of the coalition. Forza Italia, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Noi con l’Italia and UDC – as established at national level – will have to continue to be part of it. Political forces that are far from united on the figure of the outgoing head of the executive. And then, we will have to look for an alternative. With the hope that there is only one.