The summer “coupon” to the Municipality of Catanzaro, movements also in the center-left


By John

The road is long and there will still be time before the verification-coupon that awaits the municipal administration led by the mayor Nicola Fiorita is defined. This will probably happen roughly at the end of the year as happened in 2023, so as to also allow the executive launched with some changes last year to conclude the twelve months of activity.
The scenarios are still to be defined. If the driving force of the coupon will be the relationship between the progressive area linked to Fiorita and the moderate area which has Antonello Talerico as its reference, it is also true that even within the centre-left component something seems to be moving. The dem soul is probably the one that at this stage appears to be the most stable: the result obtained in the city shows a certain dynamism that certainly could not be said to be taken for granted before the vote, in particular around the figure of Jasmine Cristallo. The ongoing movements, currently under investigation, would be those that would involve the central and reformist areas, precisely part of Action, Noi con l’Italia and Catanzaro Fiorita. Translated into councilors, according to the rumors leaked from Palazzo De Nobili: Stefano Veraldi, Gregorio Buccolieri and Giulia Procopi. If this were the case, the result would be a force that could also aspire to a position in the council; it is no coincidence that these movements have been underway for some time and would also see the directing contribution of Mimmo Tallini who, moreover, relied on councilor Procopi during the last municipal elections.