The Teatro del Fuoco company illuminated Messina with the Fire & Light show


By John

Two thousand five hundred people with their mouths open admiring the company of Theater of Fire® which brought the Fire & Light show to Piazza Duomo, included in the “Immagina Messina” program of events, promoted by the municipal administration for the Christmas holidays. Fire & Light stands out for its liveliness and panache, it is a story about fire and with fire that touches the chords of wonder and amazement and marks a fascinating and creative path of light and fire with a whirlwind of lights, sounds, a play and a dialogue with fire that involves irony and sensuality, but also sweetness, energy and vitality with its unmistakable choreographies.

Messina is a magical place – said Amelia Bucalo Triglia, creator of the Teatro del Fuoco® – the ideal stage for this event full of suggestions and charm. We are happy to celebrate in Messina the sixteenth year of uninterrupted success of the artistic project created to tell the passionate energy of Italy with a mix of expressive languages ​​that speak of devotion and enchantment. It is no coincidence that the prestigious American magazine Forbes has included the Teatro del Fuoco® in the list of the 12 coolest events in the world that are worth a trip for”.

The show was an unforgettable evocative journey through suggestions and high-level representations on stage by artists who, for the Messina performance, came from the Slovak Republic, Ukraine and Italy, and are world leaders in their disciplines. Through linear and absolutely precise choreographies, male and female dancers dressed in light and fire to tell the story of passion, the joy of living, creativity and the birth of the world with all those elements that contribute to giving energy to creation every day . A story that “hypnotized” spectators of any age, built to stimulate the idea of ​​a community that once again tells its own stories around the fire, in which each member is intimately and inextricably linked to the others.

Artists with different identities, brightly colored costumes, muscles and sinuous shapes together with fiery choreographies and messages that bring back unity, multiculturalism, sharing, respect, have ensured that the Teatro del Fuoco® has become a brand testimonial of Italian culture in the world and high quality innovative cultural tourism marketing product. Fire is life, energy, conservation and creative force.