The tourist port of Roccella confirms itself as “green”


By John

A maritime infrastructure, as well as unique and functional on a recreational, tourist and commercial level, throughout the Ionian coast of Reggio and Catanzaro, “open”, in several sectors, to the territory of the Locride district and with the vocation of respect and protection of the environment. AND It is precisely, in particular, these multiplicities and these “services” aimed at citizens, businesses and the territory that for the eighth consecutive year, a unique case in Calabria, have allowed the Porto Delle Grazie di Roccella to once again obtain from the “Fee Italia ” the recognition of the Blue Flag of the landing places. An award that the same international non-governmental and non-profit organization annually assigns to ports and tourist landing places that practice a strategy oriented towards environmental education and management, services, safety and water quality. This is a management policy that has always been promoted by the public-private company (the Municipality of Roccella, confirming the predominantly public management, holds 71% of the company shares) “Porto delle Grazie srl”, currently led by the sole director , Vasco De Cet.
In fact, since 2016, a certified management system (Uni-En-Iso 14001) has been applied in the Roccello port infrastructure which focuses, in particular, attention on the environmental impacts of activities in the recreational sector.
From this perspective, therefore, “Porto delle Grazie” has been promoting the so-called “Yachters Code of Conduct” for years now of Fee Italia, which obliges boaters not to throw waste into the sea or along the coast, not to empty sewage on board into the sea, in coastal waters and in sensitive areas, not to discharge toxic or dangerous waste and to throw it into the appropriate containers positioned inside the port, to promote the use of separate waste collection, to use eco-compatible products for the maintenance of the boat, to immediately report to the competent authorities any form of pollution of the environment, not to use practices fishing prohibited by law, to respect vulnerable areas and protected natural areas, to avoid damaging the seabed, to promote environmental sensitivity and to ensure that fuel is not lost at sea during refueling. But that is not all. At the Porto delle Grazie – Marina di Roccella the “Boat to boat” waste collection system is also active. The management company of the tourist port also collaborates and works, in the form of services always aimed at protecting and safeguarding the environment, with local associations and in particular with the social cooperative “Felici da matti” of Roccella, which even within the Reggio port structure it deals with the collection (and subsequent recycling) of used cooking oils produced by the owners of the boats.