The United States invaded by cicadas: there will be trillions


By John

The United States prepares for the invasion of red-eyed cicadas. Trillions of specimens are expected in the coming weeks in the eastern regions of the country, from Louisiana to North Carolina and Illinois. They are not considered dangerous, but very, very noisy. The affected broods have lived underground for 13 and 17 years and will come out to breed, typically when the soil temperature reaches eighteen degrees. From that moment they will be visible to everyone and above all they will be audible.

The invasion of cicadas is not an extraordinary phenomenon, but in this case two broods will mature at the same time, something that, according to scholars, happens once every 221 years. The last time this happened, the president of the United States was named Thomas Jefferson. Some states, including Illinois, are preparing for the event by informing the population.