Messina, the Prefecture issues a release for an agricultural company whose legal representative was hit by a ban which was later canceled by the CGA


By John

The company LS, operating in the livestock sector with headquarters in the province of Messina, had the payments due to it blocked by Agea, ascertaining on the SIAN Portal the existence of anomalies which did not allow the payment of the annuities due.
And then the aforementioned company, not understanding the reasons for the continuing suspension of payments, with the support of lawyers Girolamo Rubino And Calogero Marino invited AGEA to release the aforementioned payments.
The aforementioned invitation was found by AGEA, which justified the lack of liquidation by recalling the art. 92 paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 159/2011, which allows disbursements to be suspended until the anti-mafia disclaimer information is received and therefore stating that, on the basis of the superior provision, only upon release of the disclaimer information would the payment be made disbursement of contributions to the applicant company.
Therefore the aforementioned company, again with the patronage of the lawyers Girolamo Rubino and Calogero Marino, sent a ritual formal notice to the Prefecture of Messina, inviting it to proceed with extreme speed with the release of the disclaimer information towards the Agricultural Company and its inclusion in the BDNA; at the same time noting that the summary of the provisions contained in the art. 92 of Legislative Decree 159/2011 contemplated a maximum deadline of thirty days from the date of consultation of the database for the release of the information, an unjustified deadline exceeded by the Prefecture.
Furthermore, the lawyers Rubino and Marino highlighted how the release by the Prefecture of Messina of the disclaimer information in favor of the applicant company was also necessary in light of the recent sentence of the Administrative Justice Council for the Sicilian Region by means of which the disqualification information previously imposed to the detriment of another company owned by the legal representative of the agricultural company in question.
Well, following and as a result of the aforementioned notice of formal notice, the Prefecture of Messina issued the disclaimer information in favor of the applicant company.
As a result of the prefectural release provision, AGEA will have to proceed quickly with the disbursement to the LS agricultural company of the sums due to it and consequently the Messina company will be able to continue its business, which is strongly jeopardized by the detrimental consequences of the block on payments which has now ceased.