The usual scam from the accident in Reggio, this time the victim is a 62-year-old robbed of money and jewels


By John

As part of a broader and more detailed strategy conducted by the State Police aimed at combating the phenomenon of scams carried out against vulnerable victims which have been affecting the Reggio area for several months, as documented by the numerous reports received (also in the of the same day) at 112 NUE, the Agents of the Flying Squad of Reggio Calabriawith the help of the Sala Consilina Traffic Police, have reported two women of Campania origin recognized as the material authors, in competition with other currently unknown subjects, of one aggravated fraud committed against a 62 year old woman resident in the city.

The modus operandi of the scammers is recurring: after having made telephone contact with the victim, pretending a road accident caused by his son, they asked for a sum of money or, alternatively, jewels, to avoid imprisonment.
In this case the victim had been reached by the scammers both on his home telephone number, by an elusive police marshal who represented what had happened to him, and on his cell phone number, by the presumed lawyer of the person injured in the road accident, who he offered him compensation for the damage, in the form of a sum of money or possible jewels.

At that point the woman handed over the amount in cash equal to 4,100 euros, as well as precious items weighing 350 grams to one of the two women, who went to the victim's home.
In the circumstance, when the victim was still on the telephone with the two accomplices, the husband arrived and, having noticed the scams perpetrated against his wife, invited her to immediately interrupt telephone relations with them, immediately contacting the police. .

Thanks to the immediate reporting to 112 NUE, the Flying Squad identified the car in which the two women were travelling, which was subsequently blocked by a patrol from the Sala Consilina Polstrada. The gold jewelery and sums of money previously handed over by the victim were found on board the vehicle. All the stolen goods were returned to their rightful owners.