The “voice” of Cassano made it: Cinzia Conso at the live performances of the Hungarian “The voice”


By John

Cinzia Conso from Cassano did it. The Calabrian singer – a Roka Music talent – will participate in the Live shows of The Voice of Hungary. After having brilliantly passed the “Blind auditions” by choosing to join coach Curtis’ team, the 37-year-old faced two more difficult steps before having the certainty of being able to perform at Live: the “Duel” and the “Knock Out”

The “Duel” and the “Knock Out”

The “Duel” saw Cinzia Conso competing against another competitor, Nora Nocy. The singer performed Ariana Grande’s song, Dangerous woman, proposed by coach Curtis. The interpretation, the particularity of the timbre and the explosive force on stage had all the judges in agreement. Who praised her performance as well as coach Curtis: «Cinzia, your talent, your strength, your voice and the way in which you manage to reach the audience leaves me speechless, not only me, thank you for giving me the opportunity to to be able to listen to you.” A comment that earned him the green light to access the next phase of the talent show.
The “Knock Out” represents the last step, before glory. The finish line is near, but Cinzia Conso has to face 9 singers: however, only three places are available in her team. The singer is the fourth to take the stage, the song chosen is “Stop” by Sam Brown. A piece from the late 80s, characterized by rock nuances and blues tones. The performance is perfect, at the sound of the last note the applause starts from the audience who suggests to Coach Curtis to grant her a place on the team and the most important chair. No sooner said than done. The team welcomes Cinzia Conso who occupies the first of the three available chairs, without getting up again. The Calabrian singer did it and from October 28th, she will perform in prime time on the RTL KLUB network. A dream that she comes true, after many sacrifices, numerous trips to Hungary, far from her loved ones and her daughter. The months of hard work are now behind us. Cinzia Conso is the only Italian competing in The Voice of Hungary, a pride also for Cassano allo Jonio, her homeland, Corigliano Rossano and for the whole of Calabria.