Roseto, success for the Festival “Grafts of the future, countries that were, countries that will be”


By John

Capo Spulico Rose Garden hosted the Innesti di Futuro Festival – Countries that were, Countries that will be from Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd October.

The event, which recorded a great success both in terms of participation and promotion of the authentic village, materializes the first appointment of the final phase of the intangible part of the Roseto – Borgo delle Diverse Abilities project, which in turn is part of the macro-project ” Community Grafts”.

The Festival and the project, born thanks to the resources connected to the Announcement for the support of projects to enhance the villages of Calabria, dating back to 2018, intercepted by the municipal administration of the Municipality of Roseto Capo Spulico led by Mayor Rosanna Mazziaset itself a very ambitious objective: to tell the community, the territory and beyond all borders, the regenerative energies that are specific to a country, both from a creative and productive point of view.

Grafts of the Future – Countries that were, countries that will beowes its success to a simple and at the same time complex formula: the planning, determination and bottom-up production of the festival structure.
It was, in a revolutionary and unprecedented community act, the active citizenship of Roseto Capo Spulico who defined the cardinal points of the Festival. Netural Coop, which organized the event in collaboration with the Municipality of Roseto Capo Spulico, had the task of systematizing proposals, initiatives, talents and, indeed, the different and varied abilities of the people of Roseto Capo Spulico, who with passion and commitment he rolled up his proverbial sleeves to tell his reality, rich in facets, multifaceted and extremely fascinating.

The zero edition of an event destined to be repeated year after year soon took shape and life, aimed at telling the story of rurality and the attractive, creative, tourist, culinary, emotional and citizen resources of a place where the social fabric is made up of threads made of different materials and colors, but intertwined together in a constant relationship of social connections that can make it indissoluble.

Numerous guests who wanted to bear witness to the essence of the festival with their presence: the journalist and television presenter Calabrian Pepponethe award-winning Chef Federico Valicentithe gardener Massimiliano Capalbo, the writer and poet Emiliano Cribariphotographers Laura Cantarella and Nicola Barbuto, Ivan Iosca, the stylist Betty Conceptthe music expert Fabio Anaclerio (aka Joe Vinazzo), the researcher Elena Consulexperts from internal areas and countries Tullio Romita, Rita Elvira Adamo, Filippo Tantillothe Mayor of Biccari Gianfilippo Mignognathe expert in territorial marketing and human communication Silvia Salmerithe sound designer Alessandro Rizzo, Mario di Mauro of the Lasydonia group, Gianluca di Lonardo of the Association of Authentic Villages of Italy, the president of Confesercenti Calabria Vincenzo Farina and the very young collectives Fayda.exe, Blackberries And Inthemiddle!

For four days the village of Roseto was home to “Corners of the Future”, installations that told an original vision of life in the villages and of the concept of different abilities, talks, meetings giving back to the territory a growth path that lasted months and which it is not yet close to completion.

Grafts of the future – Countries that were, Countries that will be is the festival that wasn’t there, conceived and created to tell the stories of the countries that are there, that have been there and that want to be there again, indolent and indomitable, strong in their own history, all to be discovered and told to travelers who choose to discover it, becoming part of it themselves.

“One country – he underlined Rosanna Mazzia, mayor of Roseto Capo Spulico – it is not only made up of ancient houses, places, consolidated traditions, typical foods. A country is its community, which can and must regenerate itself every day without ever forgetting its history, its past, but looking to the future, without fear. Our Community is alive, like a thriving plant, but like any plant it cyclically needs “Community Grafts”, new lifeblood that the territory preserves. The aim of the Festival was to tell everyone about the strength of the Community, of the citizens of Roseto. At the same time, with hard work carried out for months and which will continue for a long time to come, we have undertaken a path aimed at allowing the Community itself to take note of its prerogatives, its strengths, the elements that unite us and that together make us they make us stronger and our country stronger. We have worked hard on training, making tools available that allow those who choose to invest in themselves, in the territory and in their ideas to create employment and entrepreneurial paths that have their foundations in the talents and skills of our community. Innesti di Futuro has opened a window on how a country, like Roseto Capo Spulico, can be an incredible place to live, to visit, to inhabit, to be elevated to a conscious choice. Through these choices we write some of the most important chapters in the present and future history of Roseto Capo Spulico, an authentic village to which a community with infinite, different abilities belongs, all to be discovered, told and experienced”.

“With the creation of the Festival – ha added Andrea Paoletti, President of Netural Coop – we created a new event model in which we made worlds that normally don’t speak to each other communicate. The curation of the festival was based on making short circuits happen between apparently distant worlds, also involving a strong presence of young creative and cultural – independent realities. It was an “uninvited” festival. The objective, in fact, was to push the participants to experiment and get involved, creating relationships, learning new knowledge and becoming protagonists of change to mark a new step for Roseto and her future”.