The water bill will rise in 2023, +16% in Vibo. Cosenza is the cheapest capital


By John

The rise of the water bill does not stop: the average expenditure per family in 2023 was 478 euros, an increase of 4% compared to 2022 and 17.7% in the last 5 years. This is a summary of what emerges from the XIX Report on the integrated water service, edited by the Cittadinanzattiva Price and Tariff Observatory, released on the occasion of World Water Day which occurs on 22 March.

Increases in more than two thirds of Italian provincial capitals; compared to the previous year, the greatest increase, of approximately 16%, was recorded in Vibo Valentia, while in Isernia the bill doubled compared to 2019. Frosinone remains at the top of the ranking of the most expensive provinces with an average annual expenditure of 867 euros while Milan and Cosenza take the prize for the cheapest capitals with 184 euros. Tuscany is the most expensive region (at 732 euros), with 8 of its capitals in the top ten of the most expensive provinces; Molise is the cheapest (226 euros), in Trentino Alto Adige the most significant increase (+9%). Citizens are aware but poorly informed about their consumption and the possibilities for saving, observes the Report which examined a typical family made up of 3 people and an annual consumption of 182 cubic metres. According to a consultation of 3,355 citizens, Italians say they use 62 liters of water daily, far below the average consumption per inhabitant indicated by Istat at around 215 liters per day.