They lock their 6-year-old daughter in a dog cage and leave her without food for days, her parents arrested in Pennsylvania


By John

A Pennsylvania couple allegedly beat their 6-year-old daughter, left her without food for days at a time and kept her tied up and locked in a dog cage at night. This is what the authorities revealed to the US media. Jacob William Weight Sr., 37, and Mimi Ann Frost, 33, were arrested last week following an “extensive investigation” that began when law enforcement was first dispatched to the couple’s home in Brownsville District, January 7.

Weight had called 911 to report that the little girl was weak and had an apparent seizure when one of the five other children in the house tried to bathe her.

When police later arrived at the house, they found “deplorable conditions”, with feces scattered on the floor, the smell of urine and garbage. The couple’s nephew, who lived with them, told officers that the little girl was locked in a cage every night and forced to eat dog food.

Fayette County District Attorney Mike Aubele explained how investigators found evidence that the little girl was “unable to leave the cage” and was “punished” every time she went out to look for food. “For want of another way to put it, she was tortured in that house,” he added.

When she was taken to Uniontown Hospital, the little girl was covered in open wounds and bruises and appeared to be malnourished, as well as having broken and rotten teeth and swollen feet. And she looked like she probably hadn’t received pediatric care in more than three years.