They ordered bread but bought cocaine, “take away” dealing between Reggio Calabria and Sicily: 9 arrests


By John

Over one hundred Carabinieri of the provincial command of Catania, with the support of specialized departments, are carrying out a precautionary measure against nine people accused in various capacities of drug dealing. The investigating judge ordered custody of eight suspects in prison and one under house arrest.

The investigation, called ‘Not just bread’coordinated by the District Attorney’s Office and conducted by the Carabinieri of the Gravina di Catania Company, made it possible to identify a thriving retail sale of cocaine, carried out by the suspects both independently and in competition with each other in the Etna capital and in various municipalities in the metropolitan belt .

In particular, the different methods of drug transfer would have been reconstructed, which took place both in an “itinerant” manner, with the “orders” established by telephone and delivered, or even left, in agreed places, a real “take away” of cocaineand in the homes of the pushers, where the buying and selling and consumption of the narcotic took place One of the drug dealers, who is a baker, allegedly used his oven as a “cover” and “logistical base” for the illicit activity, meeting the needs of buyers who would have asked to collect from time to time “half a kilo of bread” or “half a loaf”, all cryptic forms to conceal the real reference to drugs. At the same time, the Carabinieri are also carrying out several house searches with the support of anti-drug canine units.