Loses the use of his arm, a prosthesis “signed” by the Cagliari players is given to a 14-year-old


By John

A fall from the tree while Chung, a 14-year-old boy from Bien Hoa, the capital of Dong Nai province, east of Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam, tried to imitate his favorite hero, Spider-Man. The impact with the ground was devastating: Chung lost complete use of his left arm. An injury that could have been easily resolved with the right and timely treatment. But it was not so. Now help arrives from Sardinia: a special prosthesis produced by the FabLab of Cagliari and signed by Ranieri’s players.

Chung attends the ‘informal school’ in his country, supported by the non-profit organization E-ducare, a refuge for children who otherwise would not have access to education. Her story, anticipated by the newspaper L’Unione Sarda, attracted the attention of a girl, Marta Spiga, from Cagliari, digital marketing manager by profession, in her free time a volunteer for E-ducare, working in Vietnam. After seeing the sadness in Chung’s eyes, the discomfort the boy felt due to her condition, she wanted to do something.

Once back in Sardinia, she told the story, arousing the interest of Francesca Mereu, architect, contact person in Sardinia for the Faberaus Association and manager of FabLab Cagliari. From there she came up with the idea of ​​creating orthopedic braces that could suit the boy’s needs.

The creation of the two prototypes was made possible thanks to the collaboration with some engineers and volunteers from the FabLab, and the use of 3D printers. Valeria Setzu, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology at the San Michele hospital and the Microcitemico in Cagliari, then contributed to ensuring that the orthopedic braces not only had an aesthetic value, but also a precise practical function.

The doctor was involved thanks to the intervention of Eleonora Galia, president of the association «Il Sogno di Giulia Zedda», which works to help children coming from difficult economic and social situations. Mereu then presented his project to the students of the IT operator course, engaged in an internship at the FabLab Cagliari, operational headquarters in Assemini, near the Cagliari Calcio sports centre.

It was the boys who proposed the idea of ​​having the players sign the rossoblù brace. On behalf of the team, the captain Leonardo Pavoletti, the Sardinians Alessandro Deiola and Marco Mancosu. The orthopedic brace was personally delivered by Marta Spiga to Chung who, excited, couldn’t wait to wear it.

In addition to the signed prosthesis, he also received a shirt signed by the players. It’s not over: further positive developments are now expected in Chung’s case: the hope, in fact, is to provide him – through surgery – with a lasting solution.