Tight deadlines on differentiated autonomy, for deputies no bridge on April 25th


By John

Race against time for Autonomy to reach the Chamber of Deputies: the Constitutional Affairs commission will probably be forced, as a result, to also work during the weekend of April 25th to be able to complete the examination of the measure.

All things considered, in fact, there are two half working days left for the examination of the proposed amendments: 2,453 which will in any case be subjected to eligibility screening and are therefore in any case destined to reduce. This week the commissions are all dismissed for the vote in Basilicata and Monday 22nd will be the day of eligibility by President Nazario Pagano and any appeals: the vote on the amendments can, at that point, start on the 23rd day in which, however, The joint session of the Chamber meets at 12.30 for the election of a judge of the Constitutional Court and therefore the commission will only be able to work on the sidelines of the proceedings. Same thing for the 24th, day of the discussion in the Def Chamber. It is therefore conceivable that on the 26th and 27th if there is no postponement of the arrival in the Chamber which – at the moment – does not appear to be apparent despite the opposition's requests, the deputies will have to spend Friday and Saturday in the commission voting on the amendments.