Timeless Immortal Art, so Condrò becomes an open-air art gallery


By John

The historic village of Condrò (Me) was the scene of the international event called “Timeless Immortal Art Condro”, during which twelve established artists from all over the world donated a reproduction of one of their famous works of art. These masterpieces have been permanently installed in the streets and squares of the town. Timeless Immortal Art is a unique project of its kind because it changes the way of conceiving art and beauty, placing them in an urban context. THEThe result is an open-air art gallery, but also a real urban regeneration through art and a commendable model of cultural rebirth.

Timeless Immortal Art is a message for the future that is slowly infecting all the countries of the world because it is characterized by a strong energy field made up entirely of pure art. This approach not only gives cities a different look, but also relaunches a new territorial image.

Present at the event international artists and institutional personalities: Zhu Wei Executive Director of UCAS Beijing Art University and President of the American Research Association of Eastern and Western Arts, Emma Xingyi Qin Wang President of Gui-Ya-Huithe teacher Lorenzo Chinnici international Sicilian artist, the master Dimitri Salonia messinese artist known all over the world, Joseph Gorga Director of the Salerno Biennale, the artist from Milazzo Frances Maio. To coordinate the event the Art event manager Francesco Chinnici. The mayor did the honors Joseph Catania promoter of the artistic initiative in concert with the councilor for cultural tourism promotion Vito Schepisi. Also present Philip Bonansinga Mayor of Merì and the city councilor for cultural and environmental heritage Carmelo Arcoraci who previously hosted the first edition of Timeless Immortal Art in Merì. A similar project was then revived in China where it met with worldwide success.

Finally, particular credit also goes to the rest of the international artists who have donated their works to the municipality of Condrò: Lucy Lago (Russia), George Enrique Londono (Colombia), Christine Bleny (France), Joe Cooper (Wales), Mr Liu (China ), Craig Warvick (England), Uliana Storozhylova (Ukraine). The event was sponsored by the Sicily Region – Department of cultural heritage and Sicilian identity.