Today Meloni makes her candidacy official. She will be the leader of FdI at the European Championships


By John

She is ready to race for the Europeans. He will not be at her side for the photo which aims to symbolize the unity of the centre-right, even if the electoral campaign will see the parties all against all to win the preference race. Giorgia Meloni arrives last night in Abruzzo, her constituency, and refines the speech she will make to announce, in all likelihood, that her name will be the leader in all the constituencies. But there is not Matteo Salvini who connected via videoconference, at the end of two days in which the general's candidacy took center stage Roberto Vannacci.

However, there are others, from Lorenzo Cesa and Maurizio Lupi to Antonio Tajani, who is also running and who will then stop to present the FI candidates in Abruzzo.

Among other things, several cases have broken out. The words of Tommaso Foti on the protests of students in universities against the agreements with Israeli universities (“mostly those outside the course”, perhaps “it was better to send them to dig?” asks the Fdi group leader in the Chamber) trigger the students' response ( “Protests and critical debate must be the order of the day in democracies.” While the photos of public managers immortalized with Fdi t-shirts with the slogan “Italy changes Europe” trigger questions from the opposition. After a debate on foreign policy, the president of Leonardo Stefano Pontecorvo and the head of the Cybersecurity Agency Bruno Frattasi smile on stage next to Crosetto. But the photo will also be there for the CEO of Fincantieri Pierroberto Folgiero while Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, will avoid the shot, holding the t-shirt which is also delivered to him tightly closed in his hand.
Once the programmatic insights have been concluded, however, now it will be the leader's turn. Superstitionally, no one confirms his candidacy but everyone hopes and believes so.

The final rush for the lists now involves all the parties

M5S members have approved the Conte price list for the European elections. So here is the green light for the five five-star leaders: the outgoing MEP Maria Angela Danzì will lead the North-West, followed by the former director of La Notizia, Gaetano Pedullà. In the North-East there is another outgoing candidate, Sabrina Pignedoli, followed by the Italian economist and activist, among the founders of Banca Popolare Etica, Ugo Biggeri. For the Centro constituency, in the lead, former footballer and coach Carolina Morace. In the South, the former INPS director Pasquale Tridico, while in the Islands Giuseppe Antoci, the former director of the Nebrodi park.