Tomorrow on Sky Alessandro Borghese’s stop in the Vibonese area with “4 restaurants”


By John

The place where legend and reality meet and where myths seem to come to life following the rhythm of the sea waves crashing on the rock: it is the Costa degli Dei, in the Vibonese area, the third stage of this cycle of Alessandro Borghese 4 restaurants. In tomorrow’s episode on Sky and streaming only on NOW, the unmistakable van of chef Alessandro Borghese will travel along one of the most beautiful coastal stretches in Italy, from Pizzo Calabro to Nicotera, passing through Tropea and the breathtaking views overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. The new episode of the Sky Original production created by Banijay Italia will be a riot of flavors and a feast for the palate.

This long rocky coast, in fact, is home to numerous small towns that boast a rare historical and culinary richness: from the spiciness of the chilli pepper and nduja from Spilinga to the sweet truffle from Pizzo, from the soppressata to the fried veal meatballs called vrasciole, without forgetting the stroncatatura , a durum wheat pasta with anchovies, capers, black olives, toasted bread and chilli pepper, and above all the delicious red onion from Tropea. It’s really thank youIt is through this variety of products that it is possible to discover the true soul of Calabria and, not surprisingly, Alessandro Borghese will test all the flavors to elect the best restaurant along the Costa degli Dei. Called thus because it was believed to be the ancient home of the divinities, also crossed by Ulysses during his journey and the jewel in the crown of the former Magna Graecia, the Coast of the Gods also represents the meeting between the majesty of the mountains and the turquoise of the crystalline sea, a dualism that is also found in the kitchen.

It is not easy, in fact, to identify which dishes best describe the mix of settings and all the nuances of flavors that characterize Calabria. In the new episode of «Alessandro Borghese 4 Ristoranti» – tomorrow in prime time on Sky Uno competing are «3Nodi” by Carmen, “Ristorante Refresh” by Pasquale, “Piccolo BBB” by Anna and “Sunset Beach Club Tropea” by Giuseppe.