Tourism in Reggio, a public-private network to manage funds and marketing


By John

«Criticizing without proposing or making proposals not supported by any feasibility assessment is a sterile exercise, useful at most as a personal outlet or, as often happens lately, to grab a few likes or some ephemeral consensus by trying to manipulate people who are now exasperated». He states it Claudio Aloisiopresident of Confesercenti Reggio Calabria.
«The resolution of problems, therefore, has nothing to do with criticism as an end in itself but with the proposition of sustainable solutions – states Aloisio – normatively and economically possible, inserted within a strategy that takes into consideration the global not focusing only on the particular.”
Speaking of tourism, the provincial Confesercenti president maintains that «precisely as a highly transversal and complex phenomenon, we cannot dwell on the symptoms (the negligible number of tourists for example) but we must understand why a naturally suited territory is unable to create the minimal conditions to generate flows which could become its true and primary source of wealth. The solutions are there, you just need to want to implement them. They’re not simple, mind you. Contrary to what many want you to believe, there cannot be simple solutions to complex problems.”