Pooh highly acclaimed, two triumphal evenings in Taormina: no one will stop their music!


By John

Over 50 years of career, more than 100 million records sold (record for an Italian group), almost three hours of concert. These numbers are enough to understand that the Poohs are not “alone men” and for over half a century they have continued to inflame the hearts of generations of Italians, grown on the notes of their songs, a timeless evergreen.

Two amazing evenings, Saturday and Sunday, sold out for some time, at the Teatro Antico in Taormina – presented by Gds Show, the events brand of Gazzetta del Sud and Giornale di Sicilia together with Puntoeacapo and Shake it. – which marked the return, after 7 years, to the Sicilian stages, also with tonight’s stop in Agrigento (also sold out), of the legendary artists linked by a timeless friendship with each other but above all with their audience.
Together once again for the 61st live tour “Friends forever”, a new and compelling journey through notes and memories, which began on July 6th and will end in Connecticut on November 19th. Fifty-seven songs in the setlist which marked, among the choruses of a very warm audience, the artistic and human journey of Roby Facchinetti, Dodi Battaglia, Red Canzian and Riccardo Fogli, close-knit and excited like the first day; with them the new entries Phil Mer on drums (son of Canzian’s wife) – much applauded – e Danilo Ballocurator of the arrangements, on keyboards.
A very long setlist that retraced, divided into blocks, the band’s career and explored the different stylistic souls that have crowded over five decades of activity: from beat to progressive through melodic pop. «Many things have changed but the affection and love for our music have not»: began Facchinetti, also remembering Stefano D’Orazio and Valerio Negrini, to whom the evening was dedicated.

From “Friends forever” to “Who will stop the music” with which they opened and closed the evening, passing through “Parsifal”, the album recorded 50 years ago in 1973 which marked the passing of the baton between Fogli and Canzian and the band’s change of register.
There is a universe of feelings contained in Pooh’s lyrics, interpreted with elegance and simplicity. For them, night-time narrators of particularly delicate social issues, music has always been a means of describing the human soul in its thousand facets.

They were born like this”The Boy in the Sky”, “Letter from East Berlin”, “On the Other Side”, written by Negrini and set to music by Facchinetti, given to the public in a wonderful piano solo. Also on stage is Riccardo Fogli for two very intense medleys in which legendary songs that have made generations of kids fall in love with him like “Looking for you”, “The other woman”, “Being without you”, “My friend’s woman”, “Live in the wind”, “The two of us in the world and in the soul”, “You and me for other days”, “If the world is like you”, “So much desire for her”, “One more moment”, “If there is a place in your heart”, “Thought”, “Tell me yes”, “ Lonely men”winning song of the 1990 Sanremo Festival.

For two nights the magic of timeless music touched the Teatro Antico of Taormina, which recorded a double sold out (as happened in Agrigento): generations in comparison who grew up with Pooh’s songs, in addition to the numerous delegations of fan clubs from all over Sicily with strictly themed t-shirts, bandanas and bright hearts.

Among many faces, in Taormina, that of Girolamo Bruschetta, from Messina, 79 years old, one of the most loyal and long-lived fans of the Italian band: after leaving hospital just a week ago, he didn’t want to miss his “yet another” concert together with his wife Cettina and his daughters Maria and Paola: «The music of Pooh was the soundtrack of my life and healed my wounds”, he said emotionally shortly before the concert began. And in the end, even for him and for those who attended the concert, a question always remains: who will stop the music (of Pooh)?