Tourist tax, skyrocketing tax evasion. And Milazzo collects little change


By John

The tourist season is now over, three quarters have passed, but the calculations on the tourist tax at Palazzo dell’Aquila don’t add up. Also this year in the city of Cape Town attendance closed positively, but the proceeds from hotels and accommodation facilities are those of a city where practically no one stayed. A “short circuit” which, to tell the truth, has been dragging on for years and which he just can’t resolve. E. it is underlined, it is not just a question of “arrears” that the managers of the structures must pay, and which in any case must be recovered. But it gives rise to a bad habit of paying the fee that is asked of the tourist in addition to the price for the stay. With as many as 160 hotels and B&Bs, the income at Palazzo dell’Aquila should be substantial and this would allow, given that these are sums linked to tourist purposes, to invest in services to improve the quality of the offer. In short, something, or rather more than something, is not right and also following the requests of the Court of Auditors it becomes essential for the municipal offices to keep their attention high to combat cases of damage to the Treasury which could automatically turn into a boomerang for those who do not exercise the controls.
All the tourist municipalities, and therefore also in Milazzo, were asked what has been done since this tax was introduced. Among other things, in recent times the political forces have tried to make it easier for hoteliers and operators, modifying the regulation relating to the application of the tax to also allow those who are in difficulty to be able to respect the rules, as the managers of the activities hospitality companies should limit themselves only to “passing over” the sum received from the guest of the facility.