Towards the elections in Gioia Tauro, «No division in the Brothers of Italy»


By John

There would be no rift within the Fratelli d'Italia city circle, nor would there be a rift between Meloni's party and the centre-right coalition in the choice of candidate to support in the next local elections, but only a free determination of the leaders locals in adhering, even without a symbol, to the civic platform “La Ginestra” which supports the principal's candidacy Mariarosaria Russoa decision fully shared by the provincial federation, among other things.
This is what can be seen from the public speech issued yesterday afternoon by the provincial president of Fratelli d'Italia, Bruno Squillaci, in reference to the vitriolic statements of the outgoing opposition member and municipal councilor, Nicola Pulimeniin the chamber identified with the “La Gioia di vive” group, which – according to Squillaci himself – would have determined autonomously in supporting, even before the party took an official decision, the candidate for mayor supported by Forza Italia, Simona Scarcellaand that yesterday through a press note he had attempted a “arm wrestling” with his party colleague and group leader in the Fratelli d'Italia city council, Francesca Fracheawith respect to the different positions taken.