Training and work support: the INPS video guide explains how to make the request


By John

The number of accesses to INPS for applications for job training support doubles again in less than two hours and exceeds 4 thousand units. INPS announced this by explaining that the overall number is 4,015 units and that the SFL applications already acquired on the Siisl platform are 3,515 units. The number of civs sent is 2,457 and the number of digital activation agreements signed is 1,626. After signing the digital activation agreement and completing the INPS investigation, you are sent to the employment centers to sign the personalized service agreement.

Here is the text of the video released by INPS:

“Hello! As you know, the citizen’s income has been surpassed by two new measures of economic support, social inclusion and job placement

They are: the Inclusion Allowance, available from 1 January 2024, intended for families in which there are members with disabilities, minors, or over 60 years of age or in conditions of
disadvantage, included in treatment and assistance programs of local health and social services, certified by the public administration.

And Support for Training and Work, which aims to encourage the inclusion of all employable individuals in the labor market.

With this video we want to guide you on what you will need to do to request Training and Work Support: these 5 simple steps are enough:

1. From 1 September you will be able to submit the application online directly on the INPS website, or through the Patronages.

2. You will then have to register with the Information System for Social and Work Inclusion (SIISL), the platform that will accompany you in all phases of this journey. If the outcome of the application is positive, you will have to sign the Digital Activation Agreement and indicate at least three employment agencies that you have chosen to contact.

3. From this moment you can be called to the Employment Center to sign the Personalized Service Agreement and start all the steps necessary for your entry into the world of
Work. Please come prepared: after having already contacted the three employment agencies identified previously, to be indicated in the Service Agreement.

4.Once you have signed the Agreement, you will be able to take advantage of orientation services, specific training courses, or join projects useful to the community or other initiatives for job activation,
which the Ministry of Labor will keep track of within the SIISL platform.

5.For the entire duration of your training course or other work activation initiatives, you will receive a monthly amount of 350 euros by bank transfer from INPS, for a maximum of
12 months. You will find the amounts paid on My Inps, by accessing the “Citizen’s social security file” service under “services” > “payments”.

Remember: if you abandon the training course, one of the other activities or refuse a job offer deemed suitable for you, you will lose the benefit.