Trame has “remembered” and strengthened struggle and resistance. The Lamezia Festival closes on a positive note


By John

A shy, reserved woman who didn’t like being in the spotlight. She was one of the first women to want to be a magistrate, a profession that until 1963 in Italy was closed to the female gender; you took part in the competition in 1968 and for several years you chose to be a juvenile judge to help young prisoners as much as possible to rebuild their lives after serving their sentences.

Sabrina Pisu, guest of the last day of Trame, the festival of books on mafias which took place, with great success, in Lamezia, told the story of the life of Francesca Morvillo, woman and judge, wife of Giovanni Falcone and who died with him in Capaci. Spa.

Interviewed by Tgr journalist Viviana Spinella, the writer presented her book «My silence is a star. Life of Francesca Morvillo, judge in love with justice”, dedicated to the judge killed in the Capaci massacre. Pisu highlighted the fact that the Morvillo family never participated in the official celebrations to commemorate the massacre but that, every year, Alfredo Morvillo, Francesca’s brother, prefers to go to schools and remind the children who his sister was: her ideals, his passion for his profession, his commitment to fighting crime to the point of extreme sacrifice. «The silence of the Morvillo family – commented the writer – translates into concrete and daily commitment; a value that Francesca’s relatives continue to defend. After the Capaci massacre, Francesca’s mother was offered a substantial compensation which the lady refused in exchange for a symbolic sum, ten thousand lire, with the heartfelt request that justice be done on the terrible event that marked the history of Italy” .

On the final day of Trame13, Luigi Ferro’s book “Hidden Truths. From Piazza Fontana to Moby Prince: Justice Denied and the Victims’ Families” was also discussed. The author, pressed by questions from Marcello Ravveduto, a professor at the University of Salerno, brought to light all the absurd and dramatic situations that the families of mafia victims or tragic episodes regularly experience, where, after so many years, the truth is still “veiled” by mysteries. “Often,” Ferro said, “the family member who asks for justice is seen as an opportunist, a profiteer seeking compensation. In many cases, in addition to not obtaining the truth about the facts, the families also had to pay the costs of the various trial proceedings. Adding insult to injury.” “With the stories of the family members, by remembering,” Ferro continued, “the generation of children is formed who must pay for the mourning and who fight so that what happened to their loved ones does not fall into the deep abyss of oblivion.”

The meeting with the writers Gabriella Genisi and Gaetano Savatteri, on the theme «Mezzogiorno noir», or the power of narratives (as has been clearly seen in recent days), was well attended.
This year too, the festival was able to count on the active contribution of dozens of young volunteers who, after six days of the event, said they were tired but very satisfied. «This edition lasted one day longer than the previous ones – they underlined – we had a great time because the organization is becoming more and more detailed. Trame helps spread awareness, the only weapon to truly beat the mafias.” The artistic director Giovanni Tizian and the president of the Trame Foundation Nuccio Iovene were also satisfied, underlining the massive turnout of the public and the great enthusiasm recorded for the «Civic Visions» exhibition, created with works of art belonging to the bosses of powerful mafia clans.

Trame closes with a more than positive balance sheet: it has “remembered” and strengthened the fight against the mafias.