Transport bonus, new click day on November 1st: here’s how it works and the requirements GUIDE


By John

Transport bonus, new click day on November 1st: here’s how it works and the requirements GUIDE

A total of 147 million for the 2023 transport bonus. Thanks to the new allocation of 35 million, provided for by article 10 of the legislative decree of 18 October 2023 n.145 (Advances Decree), the dedicated platform of the Ministry of Labor and Politiche Sociali reopens at 8am on Wednesday 1st November with the new availability added to any residual funds generated by the failure to use the bonuses released in the month of October. This is the second increase – compared to the initial 100 million – of the Fund established at the Dicastery after that of 12 million provided for by Legislative Decree no. 131/2023 (“Urgent measures on energy, interventions to support purchasing power and protect savings”), which aims to meet the needs that emerged during the year and to expand the number of those who , with a 2022 income not exceeding 20 thousand euros, can access vouchers, with a maximum value of 60 euros, valid for the purchase of a monthly, multi-monthly and annual season ticket for the use of public road and rail transport.

“The transport bonus has confirmed itself as a concrete help for workers and students as well as an incentive for sustainable mobility”, stated the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Marina Calderone. “With its refinancing we wanted to open a new window for the low-income sections of the population, who were unable to access the measure during 2023”, she adds. Applications, for oneself or for a minor over whom one has parental authority or representation, can be submitted online on the platform, by accessing the reserved area via SPID or Electronic Identity Card (CIE). The platform will remain active until resources are exhausted.


The transport bonus, introduced with the Aid Decree in 2022, received further funding at the beginning of this year. With it, beneficiaries can obtain a 60 euro discount on the price of season tickets. For access, you must apply online via SPID or CIE, and the bonus will be assigned on the basis of the “first come, first served” criterion.

It is important to underline that each voucher is personal and can only be used once for a subscription, be it monthly or annual. During the registration phase, the applicant will have to provide specific information through a guided procedure. Once the application has been accepted, a QR code will be generated, useful when purchasing the subscription.

The ministry website lists the transport companies for which the bonus is valid. Among these stand out ATAC Rome, ATM Milan And Trenitalia Spathe latter with 374,260 vouchers issued.


Taxpayers who, from 1 January 2022 to 30 June 2023, have omitted or made an error in the certification of the fees (receipts, invoices, receipts) now have the possibility to regularize their position through the active repentance. This correction must take place by 15 December 2023. Violations can be verified until 31 October 2023 and, if not disputed, can be regulated using the aforementioned tool.