Reggio, the “Red and blue pencil” of the Italo Falcomatà Foundation to Sara Lucaroni and Fabio Tonacci. Special memory award for Pietro Bellantoni


By John

Great success for the 13th edition of the national journalistic award “La Matita rossa e blu”, organized by the Italo Falcomatà Foundation. At Palazzo Alvaro, headquarters of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, they were awarded the coveted recognition Sara Lucaronifreelance professional, among the best expressions of international investigative journalism, e Fabio Tonacci, war correspondent of the newspaper La Repubblica, who, for the occasion, engaged in a conversation about their experiences with journalists Piero Gaeta de The Gazzetta del SudAnd Gianfranco Turano of L’Espresso. A touching memory went to Pietro Bellantoni, one of the most genuine and sagacious pens in the Calabrian journalistic panorama, celebrated with the memory award collected by his wife Ketty Tramontana.

«I’m sure – he commented Giuseppe Falcomatà – that, if only God had given him more time, Pietro would still have received, in the years to come, the prize as a journalist of national fame and caliber. Unfortunately, his premature death did not allow him to achieve those goals that he certainly would have achieved. The memory of him is still alive in all of us.”

For the president of the Foundation, Rosa Neto Falcomatà«the initiative which, every year, sees the merits of national and international information professionals recognized, responds to the affirmation of Italo Falcomatà who, in them, recognized the witnesses of truth”.

Sara Lucaroni and Fabio Tonacci were thrilled and, when accepting the award in front of a large audience, thanked the Falcomatà Foundation, recalling “the unforgettable figure of the mayor of the Primavera of Reggio”. The evening was moderated by the Corriere della Sera journalist Francesca Gambarini.