Trump attacks: “My trial is a show wanted by Biden”


By John

Joe Biden he is a “total retard” surrounded by “fascists”, and is behind the “show trial in New York to which I am forced”: with him at the helm the United States “will not survive another four years”. Donald Trump it's a river in flood in front of his supporters in New Jersey. No one can be saved from his uncontainable fury Bruce Springsteen, one of the state's most famous residents and renowned Democrat: “We attract more people” than his concerts. Then he defined Juan Merchanthe judge of the “farce” trial for the money to the porn star, “corrupt and compromised”, and the Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg “fat”.

“I have great respect for the office of the presidency and I only started talking about Biden like that because” the race is now “no holds barred” after “they indicted me four times, more than Al Capone,” he said Trump accusing Merchan and Bragg of doing Biden's dirty work. The former president returns to court in New York on Monday to find himself face to face with the former all-purpose lawyer who has become his greatest enemy, Michael Cohen. Speaking in Wildwood in front of 80,000-100,000 fans, in what he called the “largest campaign rally in history”Trump then explained that he is being persecuted just because he is running for the White House and to fear «the dangerous enemies within the country more than those outside. We can manage Russia and China, but we must stop the madmen within our government who will destroy the country.”

Still describing him as the “worst president in history”, someone “whom everyone laughs at”, Trump attacked Biden for his “betrayal” to Israel – “I am for Israel's right to win its war on terror” – and he pledged to expel students from the country who spread “jihadism or anti-Semitism”, probably referring to pro-Gaza protesters on campuses. “Biden said he wanted to impose tariffs on electric cars, but he would have to do so for four years does. Europe is flooded with Chinese cars. I will not allow this to happen in our country», he observed, recalling his skills in making agreements and defending American interests. «When Emmanuel Macron» threatened us with a tax on «our companies, I told him that from the next day I would impose 100% duties on all French wines and champagne», and so France did not impose any duties. “I have done many deals like this, even with Italy”, he added, promising “a big tax cut for the middle class, the upper class, the lower class and the business class”.

In the speech that lasted over an hour and a half, the former president thanked the conservative justices of the Supreme Court for having had the “courage” to act on abortion and defended his choice to postpone the decision on how to proceed to individuals States. Then he stopped on a topic dear to him, that of immigration, returning to recite the song of Oscar Brown 'The Snake' and dusting off his admiration for Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal from the film The Silence of the Lambs. «With Biden there is an invasion» of migrants, «we cannot afford it», he said, noting how in Venezuela and Africa “the prisons have emptied because” they sent their prisoners to «our border». The former president then assured that if he returns to the White House he will launch the “largest migrant expulsion operation in history”.