Unique city Cosenza-Rende-Castrolibero, still doubts. Greco reiterates his “no”


By John

It will still be one complex gestation and if in the past the idea of ​​creating a large managed reality in the Cosenza urban area has always failed, today the discussion appears more detailed, full of elements that suggest a different approach.
Also because the road has been traced and the Region, the centre-right majority in the Citadel, has taken care of shoring it up, whose merger proposal, however, continues to encounter notes of opposition, especially towards the method used, «which – he stated yesterday Orlandino Greco – inaugurates the season of a new regional centralism». The mayor of Castrolibero revealed his thoughts during a press conference organized in the Town Hall on the outskirts of the Bruzio capital, inserted, together with It makes and at the same Cosenzain the single city project, the debate of which has fully come to life, especially in recent days, in light of the possible names to be attributed to the future municipality and coined by the Region in the Institutional Affairs Commission, chaired by Luciana De Francesco.
«It makes no sense – reiterated Greco – to push ourselves further when there is still nothing concrete”referring precisely to the attributions born from the recent meeting at the Cittadella, spread over a rose of three petals: Cosenza, Cosenza-Rende-Castrolibero and Nuova Cosenza.