Unique city, the mayor of Cosenza insists: “Territories not very involved”


By John

The regional law proposal on the single city is moving towards its final stages. Net of a fairly heated debate which sees above all Makes climb on the barricadeswhere the “no” front intends to prepare an alternative referendum.
The last hearing at the Citadel is scheduled for November 6th, when the three prefectural commissioners from beyond Campagnano, the president of the Province, Rosaria Succurroalso as leader of the Calabrian Anci and the mayor of the capital Bruzio, Franz Carusowho had asked to be heard at the end of the discussion table set up by the First Regional Institutional Affairs Commission, chaired by the councillor, Luciana De Francesco. Caruso has always expressed doubts about the method that led to the formulation of the process, not so much about the idea itself. According to the tenant of the Bruzio Municipality, it would have been appropriate to first achieve the unification of services and greater involvement of the territories concerned, and then get to the heart of the issue.
Concepts that the mayor will probably reiterate in a special press conference which will anticipate the hearing at the Region. During these months associations, political movements, local administrators and student delegations have appeared at the Cittadella, listened to by the members of the body headed by De Francesco and composed of colleagues Pierluigi Caputo, Pietro Molinaro And Giuseppe Mattianito have an overall picture of the possible merger project between the municipalities of Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero.