Middle East, Abu Mazen to Blinken: “With 10 thousand Palestinians killed, how can we remain silent?”. Iran threatens US: “Ceasefire or repercussions”


By John

«How can we remain silent about the killing of 10 thousand Palestinians, including 4 thousand children, tens of thousands injured and the destruction of tens of thousands of housing units, infrastructure, hospitals, reception centers and water tanks.” President Abu Mazen said this in the meeting with US Secretary Antony Blinken.
“What is happening in the West Bank and Jerusalem is no less horrific, in terms of killings and attacks on lands, people and holy sites, at the hands of occupying forces and terrorist settlers, who commit crimes of ethnic cleansing, racial discrimination and piracy of funds”.

Iran’s threats

Iran’s defense minister has warned that the United States will be “hit hard” if there is no ceasefire in Gaza. The semi-official Tasnim news agency reported this on its Telegram account. “Our advice to the Americans is to immediately stop the war and implement a ceasefire, otherwise you will be hit hard,” said Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani.