University of Calabria, a sit-in by students and associations for Giulia on Thursday


By John

A sit in for the prevention of gender violence is was scheduled for today, Thursday 23 November, at 5pm, at the University of Calabria in Rende. An event promoted by various local and student associations to “call attention to the need for a cultural revolution. In remembering Giulia Cecchettin, yet another victim of femicide in Italy, we will ask for a collective and institutional awakening that marks the end of patriarchal society. It is the time to make noise and try to wake up a still dormant state by giving voice to those who have remained unheard.”
Various associations will be mobilising: Arcigay Cosenza, Centro Women’s Studies dell’Unical, Centro Antiviolenza Roberta Lanzino, Spazio Donna Cosenza, ArciRED, La Terra di Piero, Arci Cosenza, MEDiterranea, Nova, I Giardini di Eva and the Itaca student associations, The Cube, SUD, Campus Informa Studenti, La Fenice, Informa Studenti Pharmacy, Student Union of European Students