Upheaval at the Municipality of Messina, Basile’s group leader: “The snipers come out into the open”


By John

“The palace games don’t scare us, on the contrary they confirm the goodness of our work and our closeness to the city and the citizens. Those who rejoice today should remember where he started from.” Harsh attack from the municipal councilor and group leader of the “Basile Mayor” council group, Francesco Cipollathe day after the river session which saw the election of the vice president and deputy vice president in the city council. A fiery session that led to the election by secret ballot of councilors Mirko Cantello, “former Deluchian today officially transferred to the League, with whose list he was elected for a mere “loan” during the electoral campaign”, and Giandomenico La Fauci, always close to Genovese.

“The councilors who today rejoice and speak of the failure of the majority should keep in mind where they started from, what their personal baggage of votes was and above all who the voters really placed their trust in at the ballot box – states Cipolla – Of course , in the aftermath of the vote, a reflection is necessary. If the numbers don’t add up, and in fact they don’t add up, we need to self-criticize and understand the reasons for what is happening. Those who secretly decided not to embrace the majority’s project should come out today and clarify their position. We don’t need snipers but serious politicians who, once they have embraced a project and made a pact with their voters, respect and honor it for the good of the city.

What happened in the courtroom – continues Cipolla – is the result of power plays aimed only at hitting Cateno De Luca. It is the result of a policy totally detached from the needs of the city which has no plan and which once again appears distant from the territory.” “Today – concludes Cipolla – we are stronger than ever. The city and citizens appreciate the efforts of this administration and its majority on the council. Anyone who thinks they can stop us is very wrong.”