Injury for Mark Zuckerberg, MMA training ends in hospital


By John

Mark ZuckerbergCEO of Halfshared a photo on Facebook which unexpectedly portrays him in hospital clothes, with his leg in a cast and supported by braces. Zuckerberg spoke directly about the incident on social media: “I tore my anterior cruciate ligament during sparring and I just came out of reconstruction surgery. I am grateful to the doctors and team who are taking care of me. I was training for a competitive MMA fight early next year, but now it will be delayed a bit. I can’t wait to do it after I recover. Thank you all for the love and support.”

Despite the setback, Zuckerberg’s dedication to martial arts manifests itself in a journey that began during the pandemic and consolidated with participation in his first tournaments Brazilian jiujutsu in May 2023, where he got medals. This injury has only temporarily put on hold his plans for a future bout MMA.