Us Acli: the Premier always begins in the sign of… Armazem, Bfb Rovito remains in its wake. In Real Cannuzze’s Championship show


By John

Still in the name of Armazem. Always them, the reigning champions. A crackling start, full of goals and “close” matches in the two competitions of the 5-a-side football championships Us Acli. In PremierTherefore, the team that won everything there was to win last year continues to impose its supremacy.
Just to clarify the objectives of this season, Armazem broke the ice with an 8-1 away defeat against White Youth (scoring with Corrado) who, before the match, wanted to pay homage to the unforgettable “number” 10 Sandro Spina. Guests dragged by a wild Cortese (five), Panaia, Mazzitelli, Gervasi. But in the main ACLI championship there are not only the usual suspects who excel. The main antagonist is also in great shape: Bfb Rovitovictorious 8-2 over Rose Futsal. The score speaks of a landslide success, but the first half ended with a score of 2-2. In the second half the locals took center stage. On the shields Alfano and Fiorita (authors of a hat-trick and a double). De Santis, Corbo and Chiappetta also scored. Murano and Acquino are the guest scorers. In great shape too Don Maranowhich marked its seasonal debut with a 13-5 at home (on the pitch of Lactaric Football which gives us hope for the future). Man of the match (and perhaps also of the first round of the Premier League) Massimilla, author of eight goals (a shot from outside the area that ended up under the top corner earned applause), followed by Iorio (three of a kind), Minervini and Gargiulo. The hosts fought and found the goals with Scigliano (hat-trick) and Abate (2). Goals and entertainment were also not lacking in Calabria Young-Oratorio San Nicola, won 6-4 by the locals. A superlative performance from the young pivot De Marco (three goals) was not enough to avoid defeat for the guests, with Mancuso also scoring. On the other hand, the scores of Amelio (two), Pantusa, Rizzuti, Falbo and Salerno were decisive. Same score and same degree of balance until the end Atlas Acri-Roglianese, two other series candidates for the title together with Armazem and Bfb Rovito. The home fort was defended thanks to goals from Ferraro (3), Barone (2) and Lorelli, who made the braces of Rogliano’s Falbo and Russo in vain. Two guest errors were decisive for the score 4-4. The only draw of the day was between Cerisano Soccer And Soccer San Pietro (2-2). Locali immediately took the lead with Mancini, before the opposing team overturned the score already in the first half with Donato and Caputo. Draw reached in the final minutes with Sansone.

Chapter Championship

Victory is in fashion… away (three) and only two home successes, in addition to the only draw of the day between Lactaric And Arintha (3-3). De Luca, Iannuccilli and Antonio D’Agostino (Lattarico) scored; Pignataro and a brace from Russo (Arintha). Esaro United on the shields in the 6-1 against Campetto Marzi, winner of the promotion playoffs last season. It wasn’t enough for the guests, in a reshuffled lineup after the corporate vicissitudes that prevented them from participating in the Premier League. Renzelli’s great flag goal is little consolation. Six different scorers for the Esaro team: Provenzano, Pace, Masellis, Leone, Coscarelli and Bianco. He defended the friendly walls there too Real Cannuzze, the only team on the first day of the two Acli tournaments not to have conceded a goal (4-0 at the end). A poker signed by Tosto (double), Pellicori and Naccarato. And we come to the three “racing” teams. Fc Cutura beaten 5-3 by They break, despite goals from Ferriolo, Cello and Cannataro and a first half played better than the guests who prevailed, in the long run, thanks to Rizzo’s hat-trick and goals from Marasco and Fuscaldo. He gets on the roller coaster there Romualdo Montagna (8-5) on the pitch Wild Boars. After a balanced first half, the guests changed gear and took the match home. Protagonists of the day Fucile (of Romualdo Montagna) and Avolio (of Wild Boars), both authors of a hat-trick. Other goals scored by Bozzo (2) for the locals, Gagliardi (2), De Santis (2) and Fucile for the opponents. Final dedicated to the most exciting match: with theAthletic Culture defeated 6-5 by Castiglione. The guests won by a narrow margin but in the first half they led 4-1. Plastina’s brace and goals from Raniolo, Gallo and Caero were not enough for the hosts. Victorious guests thanks to Principe (2), Silani, Puia, Nigro and Aquila.