A year of government by Giorgia Meloni: “We are only at the beginning, we are writing the future of Italy”


By John

“One year ago we received the task of leading Italy. An enormous honor and responsibility in an uncertain and complicated historical moment. We promised the citizens that we would leave a better Italy than the one we found, a nation we can be proud of and that plays a leading role in the world, and that’s what we are doing. Many goals have been achieved, many more will come. We are only at the beginning, the road in front of us is still long and tortuous, but we will continue with our heads held high to make those courageous choices that have not been made for too long. A year ago we wrote history. Now we are writing the future of Italy.”

Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, on social media. At the moment, at the event “Winning Italy – a year of results”, taking place in Rome, a video shot yesterday in Cairo by the head of the executive is being shown.

“I don’t know what time I will return to Italy, I’m not sure I will be able to be physically with you. I too am a human being and if there is anyone I can ask for understanding it is the sympathisers, representatives, militants and leaders of FI”.

“The others roll in the mud, we fly high”

“What we are demonstrating – Meloni continued in the video – is that it was possible to achieve unimaginable results and do extraordinary things without having to be petty or having to take shortcuts or do unpresentable things or having to please unpresentable people.” «If we succeed and are succeeding, all these people will have to deal with their consciences and I guarantee you that they will. So, no fear, head straight, look upwards and smile on your face. We have great things to achieve for our people and we will achieve them.” «The others – she added – continue to roll in the mud, we will fly high. Are they convinced that in the end they will manage to make us lose our temper? So far only they have lost it because our shoulders are broad, our conscience is clear. Our objectives are great and what is important for us is not to disappoint Italy and the Italians. I love you”.