Us Acli, two trios at the top of the Premier and Championship. Fireworks between Castiglione and Esaro. Saint Peter and Rose by force… 10


By John

Another injection of goals and entertainment. This is how the second day of the US Acli 5-a-side football tournaments can be defined. And there was no shortage of inflated nets and bubbles in act number two either Premier League and Championship. In the competition of the Armazem dominators, other companies to keep an eye on are also making their way. Starting with the wild Don Marano who won a sensational tug-of-war against Atlas Acri. The team from the parish of Sant’Aniello inaugurated the home pitch in the best possible way, in the presence of a large following of the public: Parrilla and Massimilla put the match downhill in the second half, after the 0-0 in the first half, making Acre’s attempt at a comeback with Molinari’s goal was in vain. The other team to be held in high regard by the reigning champions is Bfb Rovito, who conquered the Roglianese pitch without conceding a goal (0-2). Falbo’s expulsion weighed like a rock, forcing the locals to make do. However, it was a match full of opportunities on both sides. Cover man Francesco “Kekè” Conti, author of the decisive brace. And we come to Armazem who achieved their second victory of the season in the Premier League, despite the disadvantage gained in the first half. In the 4-2 win over Calabria Young, Cortese stood out (two centres) as did the other scorers Miceli and Galiano. The away goals were scored by Salerno and Cosentino. The match between Oratorio San Nicola and Cerisano Soccer was crackling, ending with a score of 3-7. The locals – scoring with Iorio, Cotronei and De Santis – were unable to defend their friendly fort against a wild Mancini (poker). The other goals were scored by Sansone, Managò and Chiappetta. Goals in bunches in Rose Futsal-Giovanile Bianchi, with the hosts reaching… double figures (10-7). The award for man of the match went to Brecchi, who contributed to the success with a quadruplet, accompanied by goals from Servino (2), Ferraro and the two Muranos (Stive Eugenio and Devis), as well as an own goal. The youth team fought until the last tackle (Maletta and Marasco scored twice, as well as Piccoli, Costanzo and an own goal). Also at strength 10 (to 3) is Soccer San Pietro, victorious against Football Lattarico and led by Zicarelli (three of a kind), Leonetti (2), Donato (2), Caputo (2) and Gerace. Abate, Scigliano and De Luca made the deficit less burdensome.
The Don Marano-Armazem-Bfb Rovito trio leads the standings (6 points), followed by Soccer San Pietro, Cerisano Soccer (4), Atlas Acri, Calabria Young, Rose Futsal (3), Football Lattarico, Giovanile Bianchi, Roglianese and Oratorio Saint Nicholas (0).

Chapter Championship

Even in the second US Acli competition, there is a trio that stands at the top of the rankings. Spezzano beat Atletico Cutura with a score of 4-2 after a first half that ended 3-0. The guests did better in the second half, but goals from Caero and Plastina were not enough to respond to Bovienzo’s brace and the goals of Marasco and Rizzo. Romualdo Montagna sailed well thanks to the 5-1 against Lattarico C5 (goal by Lupo). In addition to goalkeeper Petrungaro, in great form, the city team prevailed thanks to goals from Vivona, Vincenzo Fucile, Manuel Fucile, De Santis and Buccieri. The match that ended up on the cover was the one between Castiglione Cosentino and Esaro United, with the guests victorious 6-7 after an amazing first half. On the one hand, Puia (four) and Principe (double) scored; on the other there is space for Pace, Masellis (authors of two goals), Occhiuzzo, Provenzano and Coscarelli. A very tough match between Campetto Marzi and Real Cannuzze, which ended 5-5, with the locals catching up at the last moment thanks to super Ruffolo (he scored three overall) and with goals from Renzelli and Mirabelli. On the other front, they made life difficult for their opponents Tosto (a brace), Pianese, Viola and Naccarato (all with a goal). First points for Effeccì Cutura who conquered the Arintha pitch 5-7, despite the hosts having gone ahead 3-1 and during the match they found the way to the net with a prodigious De Luca ( four times) and with Iantorno. The goals from Cannataro (3), Cello, Ferriolo and Aiello were decisive for the guests. The only draw of the round was between Lago Calcio and Wild Boards 3-3, with the Nepetini dragged by De Luca’s hat-trick and the guests scoring with Sprovieri, Reda and Avolio. In the standings, as mentioned, Spezzano, Romualdo Montagna and Esaro United have full points (6), followed by Real Cannuzze (4). At 3 the Castiglione Cosentino-Fc Cutura pair. Lattarico C5, Arintha Futsal, Lago Calcio, Wild Boards and Campetto Marzi at 1, with Atletico Cutura (0).