Dossier on precarious employment in Calabria, document drawn up by the regional department. Calabrese: “There is a firm desire to create real jobs”


By John

It’s called “Dossier on precarious employment in Calabria. Historical analysis and reconstruction” the document developed and presented by the department of labor policies and professional training and by the work and welfare department of the Calabria Region. A reconnaissance work, an “X-ray” on the various areas of precarious employment, of fundamental importance for identifying the necessary solutions that the regional Government will have to initiate in line with some activities already implemented in recent times and which will be illustrated, together with the president Roberto Occhiutoshortly at the “Regional table for labor services and policies”.

A worrying real cross-section emerges from the dossier, with past choices that have led to uncertain working conditions, with the constant use of atypical contracts and sometimes improper use of the “internship” formula which have burdened the Calabrian public administration, thinking of solving the unemployment problem with the creation of precarious employment pools distributed throughout the Calabrian public bodies. This led to expectations among the interested parties, who found themselves living a “precarious life”, and the incorrect use of a mountain of economic resources without solving the problem.

To date, the Region uses approximately 52 million euros of resources recorded in its budget and almost 300 million euros have been used over the years to support precarious employment measures in the PA without however realizing stable and dignified work. The “dossier on precarious employment” promoted by the councilor is an important piece of work Giovanni Calabrese and developed by the labor and welfare department with the general director Roberto Cosentino and the head of the precarious sector Pasquale Capicotto.

Councilor Calabrese reiterated “the regional government’s firm desire to empty all existing precarious employment pools and to initiate different active policies to create real work, without resorting to expensive expedients which not only have often not solved the problem but have deprived of dignity at work, many people transformed into hostages by a hope of employment which for some even arrived after the deadline”.