Vannacci's delirium on students with disabilities: “Let's entrust them to specialists, separate classes would help the best”


By John

General Roberto Vannacci was already used to shocking phrases. But evidently he never ceases to amaze. For example, speaking about school and disability, in the interview given to The print the new candidate of the League expressed himself thus, taking the world of Italian education back to before 1977, the year of the abolition of separate classes. «I believe that classes with 'separate characteristics' would help children with great potential to express themselves to the fullest, and even those with more difficulties would be helped in a particular way», «It is not discriminatory. For students with problems I rely on specialists. I don't specialize in disabilities. However, I certainly wouldn't put a disabled person to run with someone who breaks the one hundred meter record. You can make him do a lesson together, out of a spirit of belonging, but then he needs specific help.” It is one of the key passages of the interview with General Roberto Vannacci, who has been a candidate with the League for the European Championships for a few days, in . Vannacci also maintains «I don't see why it is necessary to have an anti-fascist license to express one's opinions. I also claim consideration for Mussolini, who is a statesman as were Cavour, Stalin and all the men who occupied state positions: it is the first definition of 'statesman' in the dictionary.” The general then maintains that abortion is «an unfortunate necessity to which women are forced to resort. I don't think it's a right.” On how to improve the relationship with Northern Italian Northern League members, Vannacci states: «There is no need to extend olive branches, because I have never raised any problems. If someone has expressed themselves negatively towards me, I understand, it's part of a phase, but when it comes to working together I hope we close the cupboards of the past and look to the future.”
Vannacci was also interviewed by Corriere della Sera: “Minister Crosetto was ironic, sarcastic, even a little cryptic – he said, commenting on the words of the Defense Minister who defined his candidacy as a “win-win” – Everyone is free to think what they want, I hope to don't disappoint him, certainly if I were to be elected in Brussels I would fight in every way to pursue peace in the shortest possible time.” And he is convinced about the discontent in the League: “Whoever has it will get over the stomach ache. I am an independent, I don't have a party card but I have my ideals which largely coincide with those of the League.”