Vibo, center-left still on the high seas. It’s a tug of war between 5 Star and Pd


By John

The confrontation between the forces of centre-leftbusy trying to arrive at one joint candidacy for mayorin view of the next local elections, scheduled for spring 2024, risks experiencing a significant stalemate if, in two weeks when Pd, M5S, Progressives and Social Humanism they will see each other again, we will not arrive at the final choice of the figure to focus on.

The possibilities that a rift could arise between the Pd and M5S, moreover, are just around the corner even if what keeps them united is the Conte-Schlein pact, which the press has given prominence in recent days, which would see the two parties allied to the administrative elections and not to the European elections. Ergo, in the end the decision could be taken in Rome, if the territory does not reach a shared solution. Certainly, the Democratic Party continues to demand the primaries and the expansion of the table to include left-wing forces; the Five Star Movement and Social Humanism do not intend to follow any of these paths. Or rather, there could be an expansion of the table only after the choice of the candidate. All this while Antonio Lo Schiavo, group leader of the Mixed group in the regional council, tries to mediate to avoid rifts that could prove fatal. Thus, at the end of the bitter confrontation, a unitary document is born, the result of the strict political jargon that is needed in these circumstances to avoid betraying disagreements after the Dems, with an assembly that expressed itself unanimously, indicated in the former president of the Province Enzo Romeo, the man to bet on. Figure on which the Progressives would converge, while the M5S and Social Humanism are ready to engage in a tug-of-war in two weeks’ time.