Vibo, changes in the police. Rodolfo Ruperti new commissioner. Via Tatarelli e Dodaro (director of the agent student school)


By John

Cristiano Tatarelli leaves the Vibo Police Headquarters. Having arrived in November 2022, his mandate expires at the end of March and he will go on to head the Campobasso Police Headquarters. He arrives in Vibo, it’s a return, Rodolfo Ruperti (he will take office on April 1st). Ruperti knows the area of ​​Vibo and its province particularly well, having been head of the Flying Squad in the past and then subsequently in Catanzaro and Palermo (he worked in the Sicilian capital for over six years, before going on to take on the role of deputy commissioner in Pisa )

Ruperti has directed important operations in the fight against the Vibo ‘Ndrangheta: the Dinasty – Family Affairs investigations of 2003, Dinasty 2 do ut des of 2006, Odissea of ​​2006, Nuova Alba of 2007.

But in addition to the change at the top of the Police Headquarters, Stefano Dodaro will also leave Vibo (director of the police officer student school). From 1 April Dodaro will take over the management of the Cesena state police training centre.