Vibo, everyone headlong into the ballot: Cosentino and Romeo in the last act


By John

Big maneuvers in view of the run-off round in the capital city. The outcome of the dispute in the first round of the administrative elections, from which the successor of Maria Limardo, did not have the desired effects on any front. Thus, the candidate of the Third Pole left the scene Francesco Muzzopappathe match will be played on 23 and 24 June Roberto Cosentinoan expression of the centre-right, which exceeded 38.4% of the votes, ed Enzo Romeo, candidate of the centre-left, who achieved just under 32%. An outcome that leaves no one at peace and which, above all, pushes the two contenders with their respective party apparatus to try to convince the voters of the center pole who, despite having failed to undermine the second position of the former president of the Province, however, he obtained a considerable 28.85% on the name of the aspiring mayor.
Well, already on Tuesday evening, once the data, albeit provisional, of the preferences had been acquired, a meeting was held in the center-right candidate’s headquarters, with the doors practically open, in the presence of the leaders of all the political forces, Forza Italy, Fratelli d’Italia, Vibo Unica, Indipendenza and civic lists, to explain how necessary it is to move in unison, without losing unity, in view of a ballot which, beyond the disjointed vote that Romeo managed to capture compared to the his lists, sees Roberto Cosentino ahead by over a thousand votes, at the end of the first half of a very difficult match.