Vibo Marina, those 60 million “lost” and the fear of a new Italcementi


By John

The industrial desert is there for all to see. Companies that left the area when the crisis began to bite in recent years, leaving true ecological monsters that still stand like towers on the Coast of the Gods. Well, cHowever, there are exceptions that confirm the rule. One of these is that of Baker Hughes, a company established for years in Vibo Marina which, in recent days, has decided to invest (there is talk of 60 million euros) in a new establishment in the port of Corigliano, while confirming the Vibo plant Marina.
Is there anything to smile about for this decision? Just like the unions who raised the alarm, the Democratic Party candidate in the next local elections is not entirely convinced Enzo Romeo, former president of the Province. On the other hand, what happened with Italcementi could easily happen «with Baker Hughes, in the near future». On the other hand, for the company to invest in another port, “what has the municipal administration done to improve the logistical conditions in which the very important production reality that resists in the desert operates?”. Basically, “nothing”.