Vibo, maximum rates and deficit: bankruptcy avoided, remains to be… paid


By John

Not differently from his predecessors, at least the last three, D'Agostino, Costa and Limardo, the new mayor of the city, in the aftermath of the administrative elections scheduled for 8 and 9 June, will have to pay particular attention to the organisation's accounts and deficit. The second disruption, thanks to a series of tools that emerged in the post-Covid phase and – it must be said – the perseverance of the Administration led by Maria Limardo, was avoided. Although – it is also worth clarifying this – we are far from that miracle that has been shouted about for many months.
So what is the state of the art? Thanks to the approximately 20 million euros collected by the central state, the Municipality saw its deficit decrease to 31 million euros. Subsequently, the Joint Sections of the Court of Auditors, declaring the rebalancing plan inadmissible because it was approved during the period of bankruptcy (the first financial distress), established that the organization would have had access to new tools to recover its deficit.
Hence the adhesion to the city-saving pact, valid only for very few entities on the national territory, 12 to be exact, under a series of conditions that will cost citizens blood and tears.