Vibo, passes the forecast to the Province: sigh of relief for L’Andolina


By John

The 2023-2025 budget forecast passes to the Provincial Council. Even without a majority, the president Corrado L’Andolina he succeeded in getting the financial document approved which constitutes an inevitable milestone in the organisation’s recovery process. Not a simple undertaking, let’s be clear. The minorities had arrived in the Chamber determined to express a sort of distrust towards the head of the administration through the “no” to the budget. A mistrust which, however, considering that the Province is a second-level body, would not have materialized in practice. But it’s good to rewind the tape a heart-pounding morning in the Bitonto district. The president opened the proceedings and immediately put his hands forward: «There is no alternative to this budget – began L’Andolina – it is the guiding document which concerns current expenditure and essential services. If there were to be a political problem, I am ready to raise my hands. But it cannot be this Council, whose mandate is expiring, that can judge me who was elected by a coalition.”
Strong words in moments of very high tension within the Chamber. With the (few) workers now left threatening to raise the barricades again and climb onto the roofs, as happened about ten years ago. Precisely their protest, expressed repeatedly against minority elected officials, has led the opposition to reflect. One, two suspensions, then the decision. Four minority elected officials, to be precise Marco Miceli, Domenico Tomaselli, Maria Teresa Centro and Elisa Fatellidecided to leave the Chamber, allowing the three in the majority (Carmine Mangiardi, Roberto Scalfari and Daniele Galeano) to give the go-ahead to the budget. Also in the Chamber at the time of the vote were the two councilors of Coraggio Italia (close to Città Futura), Vito Pirruccio and Alessandro Lacquaniti, to maintain a quorum.