Work on the square of the Crotone theater under construction, archaeological investigations are necessary first


By John

First, archaeological investigations are needed to be carried out in the square in front of the “Vincenzo Scaramuzza” theater under construction. Only afterwards will there be room for redevelopment work on the site to resume. This is what the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendency established for the provinces of Crotone and Catanzaro. The Mic articulation, in a note sent on Friday, required the Municipality of Crotone to carry out «stratigraphic tests of adequate size and number – we read in the letter signed by the superintendent Stefania Argenti and by the archaeological officer Alfredo Ruga – to verify, where the areas will remain covered in concrete and where deep excavations have been carried out with the consequent construction of basins and fountains, the possible damage to the buried archaeological assets (stratifications and structures).
Last July 21st, the body belonging to the Ministry of Culture ordered a stop to the interventions following the report by private citizens of the discovery of some blocks of marble on the construction site. In fact, after an on-site inspection carried out by Argenti itself, it emerged that the project launched by the Municipality did not have the authorization of the Superintendence. Hence the decision of the municipal administration led by the mayor, Vincenzo Voceto appoint the specialist Ernesto Salerno to draw up a report which was sent to the Superintendence. And from the documentation sent, it is written in the note from two days ago, it emerged that «the excavation to create a fountain and water collection tank» in the square «has reached such heights as to affect the archaeological stratifications and perhaps wall remains from the post-19th century. ancient, given the discoveries of 2006-2008 and the graphic projection proposed by Ernesto Salerno”.