Vibo, the attacks in the hospital: the healthcare staff declares a state of agitation


By John

The Vibo health personnel proclaimed a state of agitation. The decision came at the end of the meeting called by six trade union organisations and took place today at theVibo Valentia hospital to take stock of the situation after the serious episodes of aggression against doctors and nurses in the emergency room of the hospital in the provincial capital and on the state of the hospital operating units, as well as on the critical issues of the staff.

They were the ones to relate Domenico La Bella (Nursind), Luciano Contartese (Cgil-Fp), Antonino D'Aloi (CISL Fp), Walter Bloise (Uil Fpl), Giuseppe Gliozzi Nursing Up and Domenico Pafumi (Fials) who have put on the table a series of critical points that deserve the attention of both the leaders of the health authority and those of the Calabria Region. Specifically, during the interventions and the subsequent debate with the staff, the lack of attention on the part of the Company Management towards the workers and in issues relating to safety in the workplace and the lack of an adequate organizational and structural; Furthermore, the problems relating to the shortage of staff in the various departments which accentuate the daily work overload of those in service were addressed, and it emerged that both the trade union organizations and the professional association of nurses have never been invited to the various sessions of the Conference of Mayors to listen to the problems relating to workers. Finally, it was reported that the various solutions proposed by the category acronyms in previous meetings with the same ASP leaders have always remained unheeded.

Therefore, on the basis of the above, the assembly took note of the current situation and has, as mentioned, decided to proclaim the state of agitation of the staff of the Vibo health sector in order to catalyze the attention of the relevant bodies and induce them to immediate and decisive interventions.