Vibo, the Democratic Party is “married” to the Center with Muzzopappa (?). Like a post, but it is from the 2019 dem page


By John

The electoral campaign comes to life in Vibo. The deadline for submitting lists expires on Saturday at 12pm and the dispute heats up on social media. The candidate from the Center area, Francesco Muzzopappa, launched on social media the opening of the political secretariat on Via Dante Alighieri scheduled for Saturday 11 May at 6pm.

On Muzzopappa's post, the page of the Democratic Party – Circolo di Vibo Valentia is also among the likes. Evidence of alignment in view of a hypothetical run-off between the center and the progressives? Not really why the dem page is a page that dates back to 2019 and evidently managed by some former activist and/or Dem supporter who has now married the downtown area with Muzzoppappa candidate for mayor. An “error” perhaps due to inattention: the like was then deleted from the post.

This (also) happens in Vibo during the election campaign.